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  • Continental System — In the Napoleonic Wars, the blockade designed by Napoleon to paralyze Britain through the destruction of British commerce. In the Decrees of Berlin (1806) and Milan (1807), France proclaimed that neutrals and French allies were not to trade with… …   Universalium

  • Anglo–Russian War (1807–1812) — The Anglo Russian War (1807 1812) (between the United Kingdom and Russia) took place 1807 1812, during the Napoleonic Wars. As part of the terms of the Treaty of Tilsit, Russia was obliged to close off her maritime trade with Great Britain, as… …   Wikipedia

  • Anglo-Swedish War (1810–1812) — Campaign name=Napoleonic Wars raw name=Campaignbox Napoleonic Wars battles=Third Coalition ndash; Fourth Coalition ndash; Russo Turkish War ndash; Gunboat War ndash; Anglo Russian War ndash; Finnish War ndash; Peninsular War ndash; Fifth… …   Wikipedia

  • Anglo-Spanish War (1796–1808) — The Anglo Spanish War between 1796 and 1808 was a part of the French Revolutionary Wars and the Napoleonic Wars.In the War of the First Coalition, Spain had fought against Revolutionary France and had been defeated. In 1796 Prime Minister Godoy… …   Wikipedia

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  • Anglo-Saxon law — While there is virtually no evidence of Anglo Saxon law per se (i.e. case law and jurisprudence), a significant amount of the literature of law from the Anglo Saxon period still survives. Discussion of Anglo Saxon law must, therefore, be confined …   Wikipedia

  • Continental philosophy — Collective term for the many distinct philospohical traditions, methods, and styles that predominated on the European continent (particularly in France and Germany) from the time of Immanuel Kant. It is usually understood in contrast with… …   Universalium

  • Anglo-Saxons — For other uses, see Anglo Saxon (disambiguation). The parade helmet found at S …   Wikipedia

  • Continental education system — The German education system or continental education system is a higher education model, often contrasted with the Anglo Saxon education system and the Scandinavian education system. It was the standard tertiary education model for most of the… …   Wikipedia

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